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v. 4 n. Suplemento (2024): Jornal Brasileiro de Medicina de Emergência
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Publicado: 2024-05-15

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The Brazilian Journal of Emergency Medicine (JBMEDE) begins its history as another milestone in the consolidation of the young specialty of Emergency Medicine in Brazil and ratifies one of the pillars of the Brazilian Association of Emergency Medicine (ABRAMEDE) as a driving force and disseminator of the expertise in the country. The journal was born with an editorial board strongly associated with the area and reviewers committed to the generation and practice based on the best scientific evidence.

With pride, ABRAMEDE builds actions in favor of the development of permanent medical education, strengthening of the specialty and continuous improvement of care practices.



To be a vehicle for publishing scientific content in Emergency Medicine, seeking to offer adequate and quality professional information, contributing to the construction of safe care practices and based on the best scientific evidence.



To be recognized as a reference technical scientific journal in the field of Emergency Medicine.



Improvement of permanent medical education in Emergency Medicine through high quality scientific publication.

Provide scientific content for continuous improvement of work methods, management, and assistance in Emergency Medicine.

Support scientific research in the area as a channel for publishing and exposing results to the scientific community and civil society.

To be a vehicle for establishing cooperation relationships and effective participation of representative bodies and technical chambers of Emergency Medicine and areas of multiprofessional action in emergencies.